Plastic-type films and bags general from the maker "Polymer"

The company "Polymer" continues to be producing polymer bags and film for longer than twenty five years. The real key to our own stable achievement can be a group of knowledgeable talented managers, engineers and leaders. Frequent upgrading from the fleet of equipment, coaching of staff members, usage of innovative technologies and researchdevelopment and research will allow the company "Polymer" being one of the managers of your Ukrainian market of polymer goods. Top rated Ukrainian companies, Western companies as well as other well known brands position requests for packages and films without and with a logo design.

Present day computerized extruders are installed on the extrusion segment. The company's strategy of equipment is accompanied by way of a higher-efficiency extrusion series for the creation of movie. By using our technological features, we have the ability to generate bundles and movies for any modification and size.

They are biopacks, eco packages (starchy foods), banana packages, T-t-shirt packs, garbage provides, loading packs, emblem provides, hinged handle packs, liner totes, washing totes, dried out cleaners and inns. In the "Goods" segment you may get familiar with their list of well-known merchandise amongst our customers, along with consult with the director and make an order.

To achieve this, we use unprocessed materials from famous Western and Ukrainian manufacturers. The film is produced in the latest great-tech equipment, the merchandise attain unique features with incorporating stabilizers, dyes and naturally degradable additives. Thanks to innovative and scientific approaches, our customers receive products according to their technical requirements.

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